Mini Isle of Lewis Chess Pieces.

These chess pieces are reproductions of the Isle of Lewis chessmen. In 1831 the sea carried away a sandbank on the Isle of Lewis uncovering a mysterious building that had been buried under the sand. The superstitious highlander flung down his spade and fled home in horror. Superstition in Lewis had survived in a powerful form.

Thus, when the peasant first looked at the group of singular little ivory figures it was natural that they should appear as the pigmy sprites of Celtic folklore. However, he was induced by his wife to return to the spot and take the figures home. He sold them to a local collector who realised they were chessmen. There were 78 pieces in all belonging to eight or more sets.

King height 2.5″.

This set requires one of our mini chess boards which is not included.

Consider purchasing a hand-crafted chess board to compliment your chess pieces. 

Finished Colour

Burgundy & Ivory


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