Medieval Cathedral Chess Pieces.

Our skilled designers and sculptors have created from the architecture and statuary in and around Medieval Cathedrals, a chess set of gracious proportions and great detail. The characters in our chess set have been taken from prominent figures and structures of the time.

  • King- King Henry IV (reigned 1399-1413).
  • Queen- Joan of Navarre, Queen of England from 1402-1413.
  • Bishop- This chess piece shows the robes of a medieval Bishop or Archbishop sitting on the Bishop’s Throne.
  • Knight- A famous medieval knight Edward the Black Prince.
  • Castle- A typical Bell Tower.
  • Pawn- A Cathedral Verger.

King height 5.25″.

Chess set pieces only, board not included.

Consider purchasing a hand-crafted chess board to compliment your chess pieces. 

Finished Colour

Burgundy & Ivory, Hand Painted


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